Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Christopher J. Bradley
Noise Control Research

Sierra Wireless
All Related And Associated
Vendors And Providers
Of Sprint Wireless Products
FCC Authorization Number: N7NAC250U
Federal Communications Commission

Pertinent Codes From Packaging
And Device Housing

Device ESN: 09612269884
ESN (HEX): 60BB393C
RS: 17 – 5422
RS SCK: 17 – 5424
UPC : 8 12320 00360 5
WiMax Mac ID : 00A0D529B8CD
EVDO FSN : D9K3380264120
Wimax FSN : D9L3430167310

To Whom It May Concern,
On June 4th According to the receipt issued to me by the store manager at the Sprint Store today from Register 7 Receipt Number 18154648-8820034460 which is a reprint of the supposed sale and transaction that allegedly took place on June 4th and not June 6th as my bank records would indicate for a purchase from a store in a different locale in the same plaza, the copy indicates that the sales person was Phillip Z and that would indeed appear the case as Phillip spoke with me today and confirmed that he completed the transaction in question. According to the receipt I was customer 762608451. The copy contains the bar code * 8820034460 * .
The alleged item purchased was SW250U3G4G SIERRA AC 250 USB USB 3G/4G Serial Number 60BB393C. 1 Each of 1 at a cost of $0.00 at $0.00. Subtotal 0.00 With Included Sierra Athena 250 $199.99 CREDIT $199.99 Regular Price $249.99. New Account MIR CONV $50 CREDIT $50.00 Regular Price $50.00. Subtotal $0.00.
Amount Due $0.00.
Services On Receipt :
Product Name: Sierra AC 250U USB 3G/4G
MDN: 7162016791
Service Effective Date: 06/04/2011
Username : Sprint Connection Card Plan\n $49.99 Data Plan\n$.05/mb
Sales Rep: Phillip Zinermon

Receipt Indicates a $35.00 Restocking Fee.
Now that the details are accounted for, we can begin with my complaint. Today's experience with Sprint was nothing less than satisfactory. I attempted to get a Return Authorization via telephone this afternoon and was placed on hold and dropped from speaking with an RMA representative. My mother went out of her way to drive 40 miles to the only available sprint store where the original purchase was made. To date for everyone involved, yesterday was the 4th of July Holiday, that is Independence Day. For which everyone in both the Sprint telephone center appeared to be either on vacation or unwilling to answer. Because I attempted to contact Sprint on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, of July due to my continued telecommunications issues that arose because of this Sierra Wireless Device.
The device destroyed the VALID GENUINE KEYED WINDOWS 7 INSTALLATIONS ON BOTH MY LAPTOP AND DESKTOP COMPUTERS. I Installed the software on both PCs according to the instructions on the installation CD. In both cases, PRIVACY was turned off in the indicator panel of the Sprint Software From the INCEPTION of USE OF THE SOFTWARE. THIS MEANS THAT THERE IS NO PRIVACY POLICY THAT IS VALID WITH THE USE OF THIS HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE.
THE CONTRACTS WHICH I SIGNED WITH SPRINT ARE NULL AND VOID FOR THIS REASON ALONE. REGARDLESS OF THEIR CLAIM OF NO FAULT IN TERMS OF DAMAGES BUILT INTO THE CONTRACT. In addition to sending this notice to the FCC, My Attorneys, and any Media Agencies that I see Fit To Send Them To, I will require that Sprint Give Me A Full Refund, Terminate my Contract, And Make Good On The Remainder Of My Telephony Contract For 2 Years At A Price Within Reason.
I am requesting a full refund for any and all data usage with the Sierra Wireless Device, I am requesting an exit from the Sierra Wireless Device Contract, and I am Demanding That Sprint Make Good On Its Existing Contract Which Will Not Be Paid Until This Matter Is Settled In Full.
Sprint Has Repeatedly Refused To Provide Printed Copies Of My Contracts With Them. Believe Me, I still want them, whether subpoena is required to obtain them or not. I am fully prepared to use the funds set aside to pay my sprint bill to pay for the subpoenas.

That is about enough for one day.

Fix the problem, or it just gets bigger.

Yours Sincerely,

Christopher J. Bradley
Noise Control Research

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